Fin Detection Demo

Photo-id Ninja will process your images and detect any number of dorsal fins in the pictures and automatically extract them.

Try it for yourself here:

  • Drag-and-drop up to 15 image files onto this page (or alternatively click Browse).
  • The image will get displayed with bounding boxes around any fins that have been identified.
  • Click on a fin to zoom in. Click again to download the extracted image of the fin.
  • Don't have any images handy? Try it with our sample images.
  • Please note: only JPG, PNG and TIFF images with file size under 20Mb are currently supported.

Register to upload any number of images and download extracted fins in one handy zip file.


About Us

Welcome to Massey University's dolphin photo-id project home. This website is a work in progress. Please try our fin detection and extraction and give us feedback!

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