About Photo-id Ninja

Have you ever come in from the field with hundreds (or thousands) of dolphin fins that need to be processed for your catalogue? The next time-consuming step typically involves cropping the fins from each photograph and saving each cropped image into your catalogue. Photo-id Ninja (originally titled ‘Findr’) has been designed to automate this step—it uses deep learning to automatically extract the fins from the original image and returns the cropped image.

How does it work?

It could not be simpler—drag your image(s) into Photo-id Ninja, and a zip file will be returned containing the cropped images!

Stage II

Currently under development

Soon Photo-id Ninja will not just detect and crop the fins from images, but also help you to identify unique individuals in a set of images. You will be able to upload all photographs from a day in the field and cropped fins will be grouped by unique individual, making comparison to your catalogue much more time efficient.

About Us

This project is a collaboration between researchers from Massey University's Institute of Natural and Mathematical Sciences, Coastal-Marine Research Group and NIWA.

Main contributors: Dr. Andrew Gilman, Dr. Matthew Pawley, Dr. Krista Hupman

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About Us

Welcome to Massey University's dolphin photo-id project home. This website is a work in progress. Please try our fin detection and extraction and give us feedback!

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